#22 - Back to Back

Total Miles


553.96 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

"Back to Back trail #22This trail starts out up on top of a road in the Browns camp OHV area. This is a BLUE trail by the OHV park designation. This trail starts off with a fair amount of loose shale type rock and a pretty good climb to the first break point where you can rest your hands. At this point you start leg two of this trail and you will find yourself into some hairy switch backs and steep inclines. This is NOT for beginners. The trail does cross with trail #58 so you can end up on the wrong trail but they end up not far from one another."


"I would say 80% of of this trail is a level 5 to 6 for a dirt bike. I believe this is open to Quads however there are some choke point and deep dirt bike ruts that would make this almost impassable on a quad.Those same sports I would rate as a 7 on a bike."

Technical Rating