McMurtery Hollow

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Nestled in the heart of the Ouachita Forest, this 6.8-mile OHV trail offers a dynamic off-road experience, perfect for enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in nature. As you navigate the varied terrain, you're surrounded by the rich biodiversity of the Ouachita ecosystem. The trail is shaded by a canopy of hardwoods such as oaks and hickories, with towering pines adding to the majestic forest scenery. The forest floor bursts with life, adorned with ferns, wildflowers, and vibrant fungi that flourish in the moist, shaded soil. The area teems with wildlife, from white-tailed deer rustling through the underbrush to the sonorous calls of pileated woodpeckers. The bustling activity of squirrels and raccoons is observed in the trees, while the occasional glimpse of reclusive mammals like black bears and bobcats reminds you of the wildness of the region. You'll traverse a variety of surfaces, ranging from hard-packed gravel to sections of loose stones, challenging the skills of any OHV enthusiast. The trail also features several muddy wallows, adding an element of unpredictability and adventure to your journey. Despite these rugged conditions, the trail remains accessible year-round, offering a constant invitation to the adventurous spirit. It's important to note that cell service along this trail is intermittent at best. You should prepare for limited connectivity and consider carrying alternative communication devices when exploring this remote area. Due to the trail's proximity to dense forest regions, natural occurrences such as fallen limbs are common. Additionally, the Forest Service occasionally performs controlled burns to manage the forest's health. You're urged to pay close attention to all posted signs and stay informed about current forest conditions to ensure your safety. This trail not only challenges your physical prowess but also enchants you with its natural beauty and wildlife encounters. Whether you're a seasoned OHV rider or a nature enthusiast, the trail along Shawnee Creek and the adjacent railroad tracks offers an unforgettable experience in one of Oklahoma's most beautiful settings.

Photos of McMurtery Hollow

McMurtery Hollow
McMurtery Hollow
McMurtery Hollow


On the trail, you'll encounter some washouts and wallows where the gravel has given way to mud. Additionally, the Forest Service left some dirt in the middle of the road for repairs, and although there's enough room to go around, it is muddy and slippery.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

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There is no parking but the trailhead is just north of the railroad track on Hicks Road.

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