Knight Canyon Road to Mill Canyon Road

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1,859.84 ft


1 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This 7.3 mile trail begins at FS 861 (Knight Canyon Road) and US 90. The trail begins on a 2-track, full size sandy dirt road that climbs gently up to the first gate. You'll continue along Knight Canyon as it winds through a wide sandy wash. Along the way, you will pass a windmill and an incredibly beautiful rock outcropping with a flowing spring at the base. The area near the spring will always be soggy but was stable when I crossed in early May. Knight Canyon ends at FS which FS 859 (Mill Canyon Rd). Mill Canyon Road is a T-road at the far end of the wide wash - the map location is accurate. Take it southeast (left) to get back to US 90. When Mill Canyon Rd comes to a T-road at a cattle grate, it is marked as 'private' on the OnXmaps. However, this is actually a county road (with signs, but marked as Mill Canyon on Google all the way back to US 90). Go left at the T to cross the cattle grate. You'll be back on US90 in less than a mile.I did this trail in a stock height 2 door Jeep Wrangler (in 4-high) with BFGoodrich KO2s and did not need to air down for the washes (34-psi). 4x4 probably wasn't necessary. This is an easy way to see some of the backcountry without worry about trail pinstripes or tough roads. There are no real obstacles apart from a few ruts. The county road from the cattle grate to US 90 is graded. It took me 1:24 to complete a very lazy drive with lots of sightseeing along the route. There is a lot of great camping back here as well as old ruins to find.

Photos of Knight Canyon Road to Mill Canyon Road

Knight Canyon Road to Mill Canyon Road
Knight Canyon Road to Mill Canyon Road
Knight Canyon Road to Mill Canyon Road


Most of the trail follows a sandy wash. There are no steep climbs. You'll want some clearance to get in/out of some of the ruts. My 32" wheels and unlifted Jeep completed this trail without any issues.


As with many of these old roads, you'll find all sorts of old mine ruins, corrals, and tanks.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tony Jefferson
Feb 03, 2024
2021 Jeep Gladiator
Nice trail -with some nice views on the north end. A couple of fairly large ruts but otherwise a pretty smooth, sandy trail. Did not need to air down my 285's. It rained pretty hard the day before, so the trail was wet. Worth noting - this was not a problem until the end of the loop (the west side) - but it was very muddy for a short/steep section of the trail. I needed 4-low to make it out, and the MT tires certainly helped a lot. Someone else who had run the trail earlier in the day had to back up (and I assume) go back the way they came. I did the loop 2-days later and it had already dried up and was no longer an issue.

Access Description

You could begin at either end of this loop trail, but you'll need to climb up in elevation out of the sandy wash if you start from the south end (Mill Canyon).

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