Guadalupe Rim Road

Total Miles


2063.28 ft


2.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Guadalupe Rim Road runs almost the entire length of the Guadalupe Mountain Range of Lincoln National Forest. Located in the southeast portion of New Mexico, it lies just north of the Texas border and offers substantial views, variations in terrain, and dispersed camping opportunities. The road is just wide enough for two vehicles for a majority of the route with some areas being substantially wider. The surface is primarily rock and well-packed dirt with areas that are primarily dirt and show signs of being muddy after rain or snow. There are no obstacles larger than 8", and rock gardens are small and very minor rutting along with some low-lying areas prone to washing and potential shallow water crossings. The road is easily passable by most vehicles, although it can be very rough and loose rocks/gravel in certain areas, overall the road is an easy drive but recommends AWD or 4x4 vehicles. There is approximately a three-mile long stretch of the central portion of the road where views are wide open to the west, dropping lower in elevation to the north and south. There are several spurs off GRR that offer more exploring, dispersed camping opportunities, and hiking trails. Cell service is in and out throughout the route and amenities are very limited in the area so come prepared.


Low-lying areas showing sigs of shallow water crossings/washes after rain. Loose, rough and rocky surface. Some areas potentially muddy after rain.

Technical Rating


Access Description

To access GRR from the north, take Highway-82 towards Hope, NM. Turn south on Armstrong Road/5th Street, follow for 5 miles, and turn southwest onto 19/Trail Ends Road. Follow for 25 miles. To access from the south, take Highway-285 to Queens Highway 137 and follow for 43.5 miles, GRR will be on the right-hand side.