Chimney Lake to Angel Canyon (FS176)

Total Miles


2031.16 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

FS176 includes both Chimney Lake and turns into Angel Canyon. The route is two vehicles wide, comprised of a combination of rock and dirt with some small rock gardens, and is overall well maintained and should be easily completed by most AWD or 4x4 vehicles. There are no obstacles larger than 8", however, the road does have some low-lying areas prone to washing with some areas prone to flooding. There are multiple dispersed camping areas along the route and a couple of motorized spurs that can be explored as well. Wide open meadows with views of the rolling hills in the area, towards the west end of Angel Canyon the elevation is slightly higher, providing more open views to the north. Additionally, the west end of Angel Canyon does have weak cell service and is the only area with service. There is a large area of private land towards the northern section of Chimney Lake, be sure to stay on the main road and reduce speeds as cattle are abundant through this area. This is an out-and-back and best accessed via Dog Canyon Road.


This trail has a loose, rocky surface. You'll find small rock gardens. Low-lying areas are prone to washing and flooding.

Technical Rating