Lincoln Canyon Loop

Total Miles


1774.14 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

A very nice scenic and slow going trail through the Turkey Canyon, Horse Canyon and Cottonwood Canyon in the beautiful Lincoln National Forest. A majority of the trail is mild, but there are occasional obstacles like large rocks. With that said, it is recommended to have a lift and/or 4x4. If you do not have a lift and/or 4x4 then a solid set of All Terrain tires and an adventurous spirit will get you through this trail. Airing down your tires will help soften the ride and prevent unnecessary damage from the sharp rocks.Most of the trail allows for passing oncoming traffic, but there are several occasions where it narrows down to single vehicle width. In some of the narrow portions of the trails expect to get some pinstriping, especially if in a full size truck. A hatchet, handsaw, or chainsaw could by very helpful to remove some of the grown brush in the narrow portions of the trail to avoid the pinstriping. Being a forest, there is potential for downed trees and the previously mentioned tools will help make the trail passable again. If you need to make a stop and stretch your legs, there are several locations to stop and go for a small walk to check out the dry stream beds or even a cave. Or you can stop for the day and setup camp at one of the pull offs along the trail and enjoy listening to the trees whispering to each other. Keep track of the weather for any precipitation or recent snow fall which could create several water crossings. However, most of the year is pretty dry with July and August being the wettest months and if visiting during winter season or very early spring be prepared for potential snow fall.Cell service is either very poor or nonexistent, so satellite or long range HAM radio is highly recommended for communication. Along with that traveling in pairs is always recommended as well!Check your gear list, do your vehicle checks and go enjoy this amazing loop in the Lincoln National Forest!"


The trail is mostly slow going due to the loose rock with several large rock obstacles and potential for downed trees.

Technical Rating