Roosters Course

Total Miles


1229.48 ft


0.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

Ride this fun, fast, and flowy singletrack through rolling desert hills in a Joshua Tree Forest beneath the Spring Mountains. The trail dips in and out of ravines and drops into gravel washes with small loose rocks. It has some small loose climbs out of the ravines but doesn't have any significant obstacles, making this a great trail for beginner dirt bikers new to singletrack. The trail is consistently easy, and mostly flat, with fun tight curves in the wash. The west trailhead starts off of Carpenter Canyon Road but can be easy to miss, as the trails in the area are unmarked. Look for cairns and having a GPS track to follow is recommended. There is some service in the area with Verizon, but you can lose service once you get higher into the hills. There are lots of places to stage or camp in this BLM area. The east end of the trail ends at an opening in a fence, and you can connect to the other single-track trails in the area. The trail has great views of the surrounding mountains and is best ridden in winter when this desert is still hot and sunny.


This is a consistently easy trail with no obstacles.

Technical Rating