Carpenter Canyon Trail

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1594.84 ft


0.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

This is one of many fast and flowy single-track trails in the Pahrump BLM desert. Lots of short and easy trails make up this trail system that can all be ridden in a day or two. This one is a mix of narrow dirt trails and gravel washes. It flows over a couple of ridge lines on small rolling desert hills in a beautiful Joshua Tree Forest and drops into some wider gravel washes that are mostly smooth so you can get some speed along the fun curvy turns. It winds along the base of a mountain surrounded by a really pretty cactus forest that gets denser as you gain more elevation into the hills. The north end of the trail becomes more overgrown and tighter in the bushes, but keep following the wash and you'll come to the road that you can take to connect to the Carpenter Wash Bypass Trail. It's generally an easy trail, great for beginners to dirt biking, with no big obstacles other than some loose rock. The trails in the area are unmarked and can be easy to miss. Look for cairns and having a GPS track to follow is recommended. There is some service in the area with Verizon, but you can lose service once you get higher into the hills.


This trail is consistently easy.

Technical Rating