Hafen Spanish to Old Spanish

Total Miles


1,283.18 ft


2.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail is between Mountain Springs and Pahrump, just outside of Las Vegas a quick 45-minute drive west on N-160 Blue Diamond Highway. Which will turn into the Pahrump Valley Highway. Turning Left off the highway onto Tecopa we drove about a mile and the trailhead come up on your left. If you continue Tecopa Road five miles down the road you find the trail to Cathedral Canyon a now abandoned roadside attraction, which I read was a beautiful religious attraction and some say the burial place of the last Indigenous person in Nevada. Continuing the road will put you in California and the hot springs town of Tecopa. The trail is primarily gravel, hard-packed, and rocky, with some dirt. We remained in 2wd on most of the trail, though a few spots had deep washes that were slippery. There are plenty of sites for tent camping, and other outdoor activities on these trails.This is a wide-open space with amazing views and when I went in November you could see snow in the mountains to the North. The air is fresh and clean the desert landscape seems to go on forever. I would say a great trail to camp out in the wide-open night sky. We did hit a few snags along the way near the end of the trail which should connect back to NV-160. We hit a fence that blocked our path and we had to backtrack to Powerline Road to be able to exit the trail and back onto the pavement.We did have cell service the entire time on the trail.

Photos of Hafen Spanish to Old Spanish

Hafen Spanish to Old Spanish
Hafen Spanish to Old Spanish
Hafen Spanish to Old Spanish


Easy Trail 2WD drive most of the way a few washes that we had to go into 4WD

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Status Reports

Cj Maurer
Oct 29, 2023
Dirt Bike

Access Description

We accessed the trail by heading West on Pahrump Valley Highway NV-160 from Las Vegas. Highway NV-160 is also named Blue Diamond Road.

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