Pants Butte Road

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From north to south, Pants Butte Road takes you through part of western Nebraska that makes you feel like you're driving through a painting. At both ends of the road, you're able to see for miles and miles, and the views do not disappoint. The road surface on the north half is mostly graded dirt, eventually giving way to crushed limestone to the south. The road is decently maintained, although the switchbacks going up Pants Butte at the south end might be sloppy in rain or snow. There are mostly large ranches on either side of the road, and you'll see several herds of cattle--but you'll also have the opportunity to see wildlife like pronghorn and elk.

Photos of Pants Butte Road

Pants Butte Road
Pants Butte Road
Pants Butte Road


There's nothing technical on this road. Some of the road surface might require some caution after rain or snow.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The road can be done from the north or the south. The south end of the road is 3.5 miles east of Harrison, Nebraska, on US 20; the north end of the road is approximately 4 miles west of the Immaculate Conception Church and the Warbonnet Battlefield Monument.

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