Little Wolves

Total Miles


1,268.65 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The three trails that comprise this route are all at or just under 3 miles long. The first two-thirds (Little Wolf East and Highline) are well-maintained gravel; most of the last third is dirt - a portion of which washes out and creates deep, wide ruts. Several areas of the trail also collect runoff and become small mud pits, even in otherwise dry conditions. Several other forest service service roads branch off to the north and south. There is a small parking area, an adjacent day-use area with a fire pit, and a restroom all at Cliffs Trailhead - about 1.5 miles from the beginning of the trail. Cell service is spotty throughout the trail. Be aware of active logging operations throughout the trail, as well as the presence of free-range livestock.


Most of the trail is a graded, gravel surface that is well-maintained. The second half is primarily dirt and is not maintained.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Pat Westdorp
Sep 26, 2023

Access Description

You will traverse about 3.5 miles east of Chadron, and turn south on Bordeaux Road for 6.9 miles. The trail begins to the west and is labeled as Forest Road 723.

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