Up and Up

Total Miles


1,651.57 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route starts as an easy dirt trail, accessible to 2WD and low clearance vehicles, with sweeping views over Lake Como. The higher the elevation, the better it gets. About halfway up, the trail turns from easy dirt to rocky and uneven. Higher clearance would be recommended. The trail also begins to narrow progressively with vegetation overgrowth. The higher you go at this point, the more narrow the trail. Towards the end, my Tacoma was brushed by vegetation - so avoid if scratches on the rig bother you. At the end of the trail is a very short uphill hike that leads you to a massive cliff with some incredible views. I wouldn't say there is any true camping there, but there is evidence of fire rings so clearly people have before.

Photos of Up and Up

Up and Up
Up and Up
Up and Up


This route starts as an easy, 2 vehicle wide dirt road but halfway through turns very narrow with loose rock. Expect vegetation overgrowth towards the end of the trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Wes Martin
Aug 05, 2023
2014 GMC Sierra

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