Old Goat SFR 625 & 625A

Total Miles


197.04 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Old Goat SFR 625 and 625A is a State Forest Road in Shawnee National Forest. The road is short at only 1.1 miles long, but packs a punch, starting off dipping through a creek bottom, shortly after climbing a steep grade while circling around the first main hill. The hill features small ruts and gravel fading to dirt and slight off-camber spots. The hilltop features fresh gravel through a couple of rolling hills, leading you to a wide open plot where the SFR 626A seamlessly begins, here it gets wet and muddy. This is also where the SFR 625B spurs off. After the open area, the SFR 625A narrows as it concludes the final .2 mile of the trail over dirt.

Photos of Old Goat SFR 625 & 625A

Old Goat SFR 625 & 625A
Old Goat SFR 625 & 625A
Old Goat SFR 625 & 625A


The Old Goat SFR 625 and 625A is a gravel forestry road that traverses through a creek bed road, up a steep grade leading to a course gravel road, leading to a wide open dirt hilltop, finishing with tight width tree tunnels. It's got a little bit of it all.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tim Vollmer
Feb 03, 2024
2021 Jeep Gladiator
Nice views into the valley while going up a mild hill climb

Access Description

From Diswood, IL head south on County Highway 4 from Grapevine Trail, for .2 miles. Turn right, onto Diswood Road, follow this for 2.3 miles, and the trail entrance will be on the right, at 37.23369, -89.35920.

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