Dennison FSR 106

Total Miles


269.64 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Dennison FSR 106 is a naturally surfaced forestry road through the Eagle Mountain Area in the Hidden Springs sector of Shawnee National Forest. Note this trail is closed seasonally between 12/9/XX through 5/9/XX. The road is mostly dirt throughout, that is if you catch it in a dry spell, if not be ready for a mud haven full of holes ranging from small tire-wide ruts, all the way through the spectrum to 4-foot plus, but if you take your time to scout out the muddy sections, you can bypass a lot of this and only hit a few foot deep sections at minimum. The mud in the area is heavily shaded and rarely drys out or solidifies back into a drivable surface, and has the consistency of peanut butter and in some spots seems to have no bottom. There are also a few small rock ledges and course natural rock sections scattered in small sections of this trail, so don't count them out of the equation. All in all, a fun and challenging road of mud and tight tolerances amongst the trees, slowly walking its way uphill (east to west) to the ending point of the Horton Hill triangle at 37.64286, -88.43848, where this meets the North and South sections of the Hitching Post trail.


Firstly, not stock friendly, second bring a friend, at minimum have several ways to recover yourself, a winch, tree saver, and tow rope at minimum should be on your vehicle for this trail, recommend, lockers, 32"+ tire size with plenty of flex and articulation. The difficulty of this trail is all gauged by the mud holes, this is one of few trails I will rate more in favor of the best practiced average lines, versus the hardest the trail has. In detail the 4/10 as a base rating is based on what you must go through to complete the trail end to end, being 18" mud holes at a minimum on the trail, but note that this trail has optional mud holes that could range all the way up easily to 7/10 territory, being 3-4+ foot deep, with dirt walls on either side up to the roof line of an average 4WD. Just note these holes are filled with water on top of peanut butter consistency mud that seemingly has no bottom to them. Momentum is your only hope for most of these holes, and my advice is just to hit what you are willing to probe well with a stick and what you know you are comfortable attempting. As for the other parts of the trail, you will experience off-camber sections as you navigate tight trees, and may encounter unearthed rock shelves up to a foot tall. The difficulty will only increase the more wet conditions are in the area.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Harrisburg, IL at the intersection of US Route 45 and Illinois Route 13, at 37.74157, -88.52920, drive 5.1 miles east on IL-13, turn right onto College Rd, at 37.73987, -88.43832, drive .8 mile south, turn left onto Pebble Rd, drive .3 mile turn right onto Berry Rd, follow it for 1.7 miles, turn right onto Rocky Branch Rd, continue south for 2.6 miles, merge right onto Horseshoe Rd, continue south for .4 miles, turn left onto Stoneface Rd, continue for .3 miles, turn left onto Eagle Mountain Fire Rd at 37.68343, -88.42824, follow this road south for 4 miles and the trail entrance will be on your right at 37.63901, -88.41692. From Herrod, IL at Illinois Route 45, at 37.58032, -88.43638, head north on Gape Hollow Road for 3.6 miles, turn left at 37.62548, -88.41137, onto Eagle Mountain Fire Road, follow this north for 1.1 miles, the trail entrance will be on your left at 37.63901, -88.41692