Cow Lane Bypass

Total Miles


2008.38 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a great dirt bypass if one is trying to remain off Highway 21. It does run through private property and cattle grazing land. There are three gates to open and close and expect to run into herds of cattle. Half of this trail is well maintained as it runs through large ranch homes, the other half through the grazing land is rutted, and then there is the creek water crossing close to Sheep Trail Campground. One of the gates opens right into the water crossing. If you're coming from the campground, the creek will have to be crossed, and a vehicle will have to remain in the water to open the gate. If you're coming from grazing land, the gate will open into the water, and it can be complicated to get your vehicle through and then close the gate. Water height can change throughout the season; approach with caution. There is no cell service out here.


Half is well maintained, and the other half is deep ruts from the muddy season and a water crossing right at a gate that can potentially get quite deep. Depending on the direction traveled, one may have to exit the vehicle from the water to get it open/closed

Technical Rating