Relay Ridge

Total Miles


2696.2 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Want one of the best views of the Tetons outside Grand Teton National Park? Relay Ridge is the ride just for that. You start near Green Canyon Hot Springs without no idea of how picturesque of a view you are about to experience climbing to just under 9k feet (one of the highest points in the Big Hole Range you can reach on a motorized vehicle) from just under 6k feet. Along the way, there are multiple radio towers (43.73130, -111.36528) with the majority of this route accessible by high-clearance 4WD vehicles. Bring lunch and enjoy the view (if you can stand the view) It is recommended that this ride be done in the afternoon as the sun will be on your back and nothing will obstruct your views of the beautiful mountain range to the West on a clear day. Due to elevation, it is recommended this route be taken in late summer and fall.


This is not a route for an AWD SUV. It is recommended your vehicle has higher clearance with at least a rear locker to get to the radio towers. Outside the towers it is a ATV and Dirt Bike Trail only and there are 2' rock ledges and large rocks to navigate with large cliffs on both sides. Totally worth the view but not for the faint of heart.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Leave Canyon Creek Road just South of Green Canyon Hot Springs at this location 43.77941, -111.44554