Leaton Gulch Up and Over Grouse Mountain

Total Miles


2564.14 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Tracks begin just east of the town of Challis, ID. Leaton Gulch Road (NF 111) climbs up steeply to the top of Grouse Mountain in the Pahsimeroi Mountains. This climb is about 3000 feet in elevation and features a narrow road with some tight switchbacks and steep climbs. Road is suitable for two-way traffic (pullouts in some areas). Views from the top are excellent on a clear day with the Salmon Mountains off in the distance to the West and the Pahsimeroi Valley off to the East. The upper section leading up and over the top can be rocky and narrow. It also contains some larger, chunky rock and off camber sections. Once over the top the east side opens up to faster gravel surfaced roads. Be on the lookout for pronghorn in this area as they are prolific. There are also several up and back offshoots of the road that lead up to picturesque viewpoints. This trail can be run in either direction without issue.


Moderate rating is due to the upper section's narrowing trail and the abundance of loose, large rocks (10+ inches). In several areas the road is off camber as well. Once over the top the road opens up again to a nice, easily traversed gravel road.

Technical Rating