Old Stage Road - Salmon River Idaho

Total Miles


1722.58 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This track starts via a small and easy-to-miss turn to the West off of Highway 93. Immediately, the road turns to dirt and heads up a fairly steep grade. The road is a combination of soil and sand so despite recent rains there is very little mud. We chose to take a steep uphill turn off of the actual Old Stage Road to get to a great campsite. This road is significantly smaller and steeper than the main road. It takes a route over a saddle and then directly up to the top of a hill with a massive boulder and beautiful views of the valley below. There is a fire ring and some protection from wind next to the large rock. This trail makes a great near the highway campsite and the views are absolutely beautiful. The Old Stage Road as well as the turnoff to the campsite all seem to get very little traffic and no tire tracks were present.


This trail is mostly an easy dirt road with two considerations. In some of the corners where water is draining down the mountain, there is sediment and mud to get through, but only for a short distance with a hard surface beneath. The side trail up to the large rock campsite is steeper and a bit more difficult. 4x4 suggested although an AWD vehicle would likely make it.

Technical Rating