Pine Log Mountain Wildlife Management Area Forest Service Road

Total Miles


406.25 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This collection of roads through The Pine Log Wildlife Management Area gives access to some beautiful creeks brimming with fish, deer, wild hog and turkey. The dirt road starts out very easy, but as you explore deeper into the forest, there can be very deep ruts especially after heavy rain. There are some simple concrete bridges to cross the creek. You must have a fishing or hunting license to access this trail. If exploring during hunting season, wear very bright colors and keep pets on a leash. There are a lot of good camping spots on this trail. Very difficult single-track mountain bike trails are throughout the property as well. ATVs are not allowed.


The first few miles are very easy dirt roads that a 2WD vehicle can get through, but as you get further in you will experience single-vehicle width roads and deep ruts. Some ascents are a bit steep and would be unsuitable for a 2WD vehicle to attempt in muddy conditions. There can also be some large sharp rocks that could easily turn street tires into mincemeat.


There is a really cool iron smelter from the Civil War used during the 1830's - 1860's hidden in the woods near the first concrete bridge on Stamp Creek.

Technical Rating