631- Tatum Lead

Total Miles


879.35 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Tatum Lead Road begins in the Northern end of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The access road is given right of way through private property. It starts out on Georgia's scenic byway on Highway 52. There is an abundance of signs on the private property with no trespassing and no parking signs. The trail leads to the Rock Creek OHV trail. Rock Creek OHV trails are closed from January 1st to March 31st. There is a beautiful canopy during the spring and summer months that provides shade and lower temperatures. The trail is suitable for high clearance 2WD vehicles, but must have good tires due to the trail having some slick rock during rain and storms. The towering trees do pose a threat during high winds so be sure to bring a chainsaw. The trails are VERY tight and pinstripes are a guarantee. At the very end there is a dead end with a turn around which will give ample amount of room to turn around if towing a trailer, but there is no room for trailer parking on the trail. There is also only a few spots to pass oncoming traffic, so be sure to remember each spot when you pass it, or you may be driving in reverse for quite some time.


Nice easy trail as long as clearance and tires suffice.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

John Deeran
Jun 04, 2023
Permanently Closed
Posted Private Property
Locked Gate

Access Description

Follow GA Hwy 52 towards Ellijay. Continue past the overlook, and just ahead on the right is the trail head.

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