Webster Pass, Handcart Gulch

Really fun trail with great scenery.

Total Miles


3688.32 ft


2 to 3 Hours

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Trail Overview

Snow can remain on the south side of this trail well into summer, so it is best to start in Montezuma to get to Webster Pass. You won't be able to drive Handcart Gulch if there is any snow at the top. Red Cone is an alternative trail to reach Webster Pass, but keep in mind it is one way.


Easy. The north side drive to the pass is relatively easy. However, as you descend into Handcart Gulch, the road is extremely narrow at the top. Closer to the bottom, Handcart Gulch is rocky. Here, stock SUVs will need to proceed slowly using careful tire placement. Skid plates are recommended.


In the late 1870s, the road up Handcart Gulch and over Webster Pass was an important mining road into Montezuma and Breckenridge. The road was built by William Emerson Webster and the Montezuma Silver Mining Company. The townsite of Webster and a cemetery are located northeast of the intersection of Highway 285 and Park County Road 60. Not much is left to see. Handcart Gulch got its name from handcarts used by miners to carry supplies up the valley. The road has remained open largely through the efforts of the state's 4-wheeling community.

Technical Rating


Access Description

To drive south from Montezuma: Get off Route 6 at east end of Keystone Ski Area following signs to Montezuma Road. (See map detail of exit.) Head south on Montezuma Road 5.2 miles where pavement ends. Continue into town of Montezuma. Unlicensed vehicles can stage south of Waypoint 02. To drive north from Highway 285: Follow directions to Waypoint 01 for Red Cone, Trail #76.