Sandwash Basin

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2,122.64 ft


2 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This area is BLM land and the home to some 600 wild horses with a loop through the heart of their land. Many view this loop as a single day or afternoon drive to see the horses, but this can also be a multi-day observation to learn the patterns and herd dynamics of the horses. The loop provides multiple spots to camp on multi-day observations. The area is remote with the entrance to the BLM land 48 miles northwest of Craig, CO. Plan ahead, as there are no amenities. The closest fuel is in Maybell, and there's no phone service, so download your maps ahead of time. The road is not a difficult drive but can become very difficult or impassable after recent rain fall or snow. The horses are accustomed to vehicles and people, but please give them a distance of at least 100 feet to allow freedom of movement of these massive and beautiful herd animals. Horses are sensitive to noises and sudden movement so think slow and quiet when around the horses. Be aware of the herd you are encountering as you do not want to get in between a stallion and his mare or foal as these animals can move quickly and become defensive/aggressive if needed. Water is very scarce in the area to keep the horses alive and after one look you will not want to drink it ether even after sterilizing so bring plenty along. Please leave at least 100 feet between you, your vehicle, and a watering hole as some of these animals only drink once a day and you do not want to limit their drinking time. The first couple miles of dirt road off 318 is well used on the weekend by the OHV owners with numerous trails visual from the road.

Photos of Sandwash Basin

Sandwash Basin
Sandwash Basin
Sandwash Basin


The road is primarily a two-car wide dirt road with some potential small water crossings in the riverbeds. A high-clearance 4x4 should have little difficulty with the more technical approaches on the road.

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Status Reports

Brandon Parker
Apr 28, 2024
2010 Ford F-Series
The dirt road seems well maintained and may give you the impression you can go fast but ruts will pop up randomly so be careful.

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