Powerline Wash Loop

Total Miles


1544.31 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This sandy wash has fast tight banked turns and is a fun place to warm up before heading to other nearby trails. The wash is the first 1/4 of the loop with the remainder 6.5 miles on a double track that allows you to twist and turn your way back to the start.The access point off of 25 Road is less crowded than other North Desert spots and offers plenty of riding for all levels.


"This trail has many offshoots and it can be easy to get turned around in the wash. Once out of the wash you can use the Powerlines and Book Cliffs for navigating. No part of the trail is technical but has tight turns and deep sand.This is not a directional trail, be aware of riders traveling the opposite direction."

Technical Rating