Park Creek Rd-Fr Rd 380

Total Miles


3,548.12 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Park Creek Road starts at Hwy 160 to the North of Wolf Creek Pass. It takes you up 4000 feet to an elevation of 11,627 feet. You will travel through Corral park then past sideroads leading off such as Fox Mountain, Swale Lake, Treasure Creek and many more including the road to Summitville. There are numerous places for primitive dry camping as well as some developed campgrounds. Elwood Cabin available for rent from USFS is here across from Elwood Pass and the East Fork road. If you follow the road to its end you will connect to Alamosa Conejos, Fr Rd 250, which will take you to small town of Platoro, CO. Following the road past Paltoro goes all the way down to Highway 17. South from there is Chama, NM. North from there is Alamosa, CO. The entire route makes for a nice day drive as a loop starting in Chama or Pagosa Springs. Pack food for lunch or dinner along the way.

Photos of Park Creek Rd-Fr Rd 380

Park Creek Rd-Fr Rd 380
Park Creek Rd-Fr Rd 380
Park Creek Rd-Fr Rd 380


It is a well maintained gravel road. A few potholes which may fill up with water after a rain. Rain may also make the road slick.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Park Creek connects to Highway 160, twelve miles to the north of Wolf Creek Pass.

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