Total Miles


3090.07 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Onemile is a fairly short Jeep trail near Almont. (not actually one mile) It winds through a few areas of trees and many areas of open sagebrush with great views of the surrounding mountains and creeks. Not an alpine trail, but a very enjoyable trip. This photo represents our overall impression of the trail. Up and down hills, in and out of valleys, and all on a not-too-bad road. There are many roads in the area, and this is but one of the ways to navigate them. Lost Canyon Road is wide and well-graded if you need a quick route to Gunnison. The north portion of the trail has numerous steep hill climbs that call for low range. Oh yeah, there is also the rim-deep beaver pond to ford, also in the north part of the trail. It can be run in either direction, but we recommend starting at the north end. This gives you scenic vistas as you descend the west part into Almont.


Narrow but fairly easy trail

Technical Rating