Last Chance Mine

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3,200.52 ft



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Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This half mile road takes you to the Last Chance Mine. The site offers cabins, mine tours and a gift shop with an amazing view. From the top you can view old mining sites below. Not originally apart of the Bachelor Loop, the site has plenty of old mining equipment to view.

Photos of Last Chance Mine

Last Chance Mine
Last Chance Mine
Last Chance Mine


The road isn't wide enough for 2 vehicles, so on busy days it may be a little more difficult to get up and back.


Last Chance Mine was started in 1891 when Ralph Granger and Eric Von Buddenbrock grubstaked a prospector named Theodore Renninger. After about a year, Theodore was down to his last $5.00. He decided to have breakfast in Creede one last time and told his friends he was leaving on the evening train. He was done with Creede. Theodore went up the canyon one last time to finish his prospecting, but when his burro got loose he went further up the mountain. When he caught up with the burro, it was standing by a large rock outcrop. Theodore sat on that rock and began to strike it with his hammer and found the apex of the Amethyst vein with silver. Because of what he said to his friends at breakfast that morning, "See y'all later. This is my Last Chance to strike it rich." Thus the name Last Chance Mine.

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Access Description

The road is accessible from the historic Bachelor Loop

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