Kerr Lake Road #257

Total Miles


3481.84 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Kerr Lake Road (#257) will lead you first to a lily pond, then farther to an alpine lake with fishing and disturbed, primitive campsites. The road branches off of the Alamosa Conjeos road (#250) just to the South of Stunner Pass. From here it is 2 miles to the Lily Pond and 4 miles to Kerr Lake with its fishing site just as you come upon the lake. The road begins as a maintained gravel road for the first two miles until you reach the Lily Pond. This is a beautiful spot to stop for photos. Telluride Mountain rises in the background with the pond and all its lilies in the foreground. At the Lily Pond Road fork, Kerr Lake Road continues to the left while the Kerr Road (#257-1A) branches off to the right. Both roads are less maintained and different from the first two miles. Continuing on the Kerr Lake road it becomes rocky with some hill climbs, dips and possible mud puddles depending on rain. This section of the road is a definite 4x4 trail. It winds through meadows and over rocks along the way till you come up over a small hill and there is the lake with its fishing site. Continuing will lead to some primitive disturbed campsites and an abandoned cabin at the end of the trail. This last section will have several mud holes if has rained, some with bypasses, but not all.


The road begins as a maintained gravel road for the first two miles until you reach the Lily Pond after that depending upon which fork you take the road changes. The road continuing on the left to Kerr Lake has much more small rocks, steep climbs, possible muddles is narrow in places. Kerr road forking to thee right is more of a dirt rut road and not as difficult.

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Access Description

Kerr Lake road connects just to the south of Stunner Pass off of Alamosa Conjeos road (#250).