CR 80C Non-Maintained Track of Cherokee Park Road

Total Miles


2742.05 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

A gorgeous drive-through part of the Roosevelt National Forest with access to more challenging forest service roads. This part of CR 80C is not maintained and should use caution in spring and winter months. There are several potholes and washboard areas with a few rutted sections on this track. Some of this is open range so beware of cattle crossing/walking on the road. Cell service is good for the most part but poor in a few areas of the track. This road gives access to the Colorado State Cherokee Parks Hunting units. There are also several dispersed camping sites along this track.


Use caution in spring during heavy rainfall and in winter during heavy snowfall. Resident houses/ranches on this road are far and few between.

Technical Rating