Dry Creek ATV Trail

Total Miles


1824.17 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This 3.2 miles 50" trail is one of only a couple ATV trails in the Dry Creek Recreation Area, as most of the trails in the area are motorcycle trails or jeep roads. It's a fun windy trail in the dry desert landscape of Olathe, Colorado that goes through a variety of terrains. It's mostly a shelf-ish trail that goes up and over ridgelines on several of the mesas and hills. There are several steep grades and tight curves as it goes between the tops of the mesas and down into the dry creek beds. There is one small creek crossing that is smooth and easy but was up to 1 foot deep in early April. The trail goes through unique landscapes that feel like you are on another planet with red and grey dirt mounds covered in black shiny rock. One section of the trail has been widened and tracked out and is full of mud puddles. Overall it is an easy trail with some loose rock, but no significant obstacles. The climbs are easy, and there are no off-camber sections. The trail is well-marked at the beginning and ends with a 50" pinch point. There are lots of other jeep roads for ATVs and UTVs to explore in this trail system, and is a highly trafficked area for a beautiful spring weekend.


Rocky and curvy trail with no significant obstacles makes this an easy trail.

Technical Rating