Sunset Rocks

Total Miles


1,996.74 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Sunset Rocks is a tight twisty single track through rocky desert terrain on the side of a mesa with pinyon pine and red rock. The trail starts at the intersection of Eagle Valley and Sidewinder and ends at an entrance to Moonlight Mesa in the adobe hills. It curves tightly through the pinyon trees, dips in and out of ravines, and climbs up hills with loose rock. There are a few moderate rock ledges to get over, and large rocks in the trail that are pinch points. For example, there are small rock ledges at the crest of a hill climb that are like small stair steps. These obstacles are pretty frequent throughout the trail, on both the up hills and down hills, so the trail would be a similar difficulty if riding in either direction. The trail goes through a very scenic landscape, as you go over red dirt sections and overlook the Peach Valley while riding on the mesa high above it. This is definitely a fun trail and can be made into a challenging loop from the staging area on Chukar Road by also riding Eagle Valley, Mystery Ditch, Black Ridge (most difficult), and Spikes back down to where you started.

Photos of Sunset Rocks

Sunset Rocks
Sunset Rocks
Sunset Rocks


This trail is an intermediate difficulty because there are small rocks and ledges constantly throughout the trail, but there isn't an overly difficult obstacle that would be considered a crux.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The Flat Top Peach Valley Recreation Area is a 9,700-acre trail system made up of adobe hills and rocky desert mesas with almost 100 miles of trail, and a couple of open riding areas. The main staging areas are Flat Top, Peach Valley, and Elephant Skin Road, but all trails can be accessed from all staging areas. This is a highly trafficked area, especially on weekends, and has lots of blind corners around the adobe hills. It's best to visit in spring and fall to avoid the summer heat and winter snow. There is several days worth of riding here, and it's easy to make a loop of your desired length since all the trails are relatively short and connect easily.

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