Johnny Park Road

Total Miles


2587.3 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Most of this trail will follow a high ridge with amazing views. Start on the east end for the best camping and easy access to the trail. Unlicensed vehicles are permitted, and this is a popular spot for them as well. There are some good challenging spots to the north towards the end of the trail. If you start on the west end, you can also get to Peirson Park Road. Open June 15 to November 30.


Difficult. This rating applies to just a few steep, rocky sections on the east end that are borderline difficult. Aggressive stock SUVs with high ground clearance and an experienced driver should be able to manage this section with careful tire placement. If you are not sure, we recommend you start on the west end, where a lower clearance SUV can reach the scenic camp spots before the steep downhill.

Technical Rating


Access Description

East-end start: Take Highway 36 northwest from Lyons or southeast from Estes Park. Turn west on C.R. 47 about 0.2 mile north of mile marker 11. After 3 miles, bear left when pavement ends. Head uphill through gate. West-end start: Follow directions for Pierson Park Road, Trail #21, but continue another 1.6 miles on C.R. 82E to F.S. 118 on right. Several good camp spots along first part of trail.