Forest Road 507

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2576.51 ft


0.2 Hours

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Trail Overview

Forest Road 507 rests in the Pike National Forest just outside of Sedalia, CO, and serves as a connector for the northern section of the Rampart Range Recreation Area. This trail runs in a 2-way direction northeast of Rampart Range Road, connecting to Jackson Creek Road, offering a smooth ride through the forest and into the mountains. The trail is easy and not technical, with mostly maintained dirt roads lined wide enough for 2 vehicles. If you intend to pull over to adjust the pressure in your tires, the best place to pull over is on the shoulder, where the blacktop pavement turns to dirt. Most of the trails did not have cell service, so download your offline maps before setting off. ***Note: The northern section of Rampart Range Recreation Area is NOT open year-round, and some trails require OHV permits.***


This is a dirt road that has some narrow spots with rutting on the sides road but easily driven on. This route is on the higher end of a 1 difficulty.

Technical Rating