Fawn Gulch F-Fr Rd 666F

Total Miles


2405.03 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Fawn Gulch F was an interesting road and drive. When turning off of the main road the first 3/10 of a mile is a gravel-maintained road to the gate for Fawn Gulch Ranch. Here you make a hard-left turn to follow the Fawn Gulch F road as it changes to a rut road. Following the road for another 7/10 of a mile there is a well-defined road to the right with the main road to the left hardly discernible. Going either way, you will find a few disturbed primitive campsites, not as many as on Fawn Gulch E though. Taking the main road to the left at the fork the grass may grow up so that the rut tracks are hardly visible. Look carefully to avoid going off trail. The more defined road to the right at the fork will eventually end with a USFS sign. There are a couple of disturbed primitive campsites in this area as well.


The road is hard to see when taking the main road to the left at the fork. The well defined road has a couple of inclines and a few more rocks, nothing serious.

Technical Rating