East Fork Trail

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3,440.70 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

East Fork Trail is a really rocky and rooty single track that starts right off of Lizard Head Pass near Telluride, Colorado. There is a staging area fit for a couple of trailers, with tons of camping nearby, and it is popular for mountain bikers horses, and hikers. The trail has tight curves, exposure, side-hilling, tons of big rock boulders, and large roots. Nothing is a singular crux, but it's really rocky throughout. There are a couple of rock pinches and a couple of downed logs. The area is full of beautiful scenery, and the trail has a lot of sections that are smooth, fast, and flowy. You can see Mount Wilson and the Lizard Head Mountain while riding north. The southern end of the trail widens up to road width and ends at Bolam Pass by a couple of nice lakes. You can take Bolam pass up a quarter mile to the north for a really great view of Lizard Head Mountain and the surrounding red peaks.


This is an intermediate single track with roots and rocks and exposure, but no singular difficult obstacle.

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