Piney Creek

Total Miles


2011.36 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Piney Creek is one of the easier trails in the Dry Creek Recreation Area. It is a tight and narrow single track that meanders through sagebrush and pinyon pine. It starts in a sandy dry creek bed, then climbs up onto the surrounding mesas. It has lots of very tight corners requiring good balance. What makes it easier is having a lot fewer rocks than some of the other trails in the area such as the Fingers Trail. It still has several sections with loose rocks the size of soccer balls, or small boulders lining the trail you have to watch your feet on, but no significant obstacles or rock ledges. It has a couple of loose climbs you have to keep your momentum for but is overall an easy trail. It's fun and fast, short and easy. This is a shared-use trail in a popular trail system, and you'll likely see mountain bikers on this trail and other motorcycles riders.


This trail is rocky and curvy trail with no significant obstacles making this an easy trail.

Technical Rating