Double Creek Loop

Total Miles


3324.87 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This loop runs parallel to Park Creek, following West Fork Park Creek on one side and Lost Mine Creek on the other. The trail features mountain meadows and views of the valley, with some shelf roads and switchbacks. There are two crossings of Park Creek, one at each end of the trail. Neither are typically deep in the summer, but weather conditions can affect this. The West Fork side has some minor rock gardens, but otherwise, the trail is a wide dirt road. CAUTION: There are several side loops that connect with this trail that are not on the MVUM for this area as of 2021. Please respect Forest Service rules and stick to the trail.


This trail is easily completable in anything with low range. Crossovers may have some issues with the western water crossing, as it can get a little deep. The rock garden can bounce you around a bit, but there is no major articulation needed to get through it.

Technical Rating