Wyoming Trail

Total Miles


2,591.93 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

The Wyoming Trail single track is a narrow dirt trail through meadows of wildflowers and pine tree forest, with intermediate challenges such as narrow side-hilling, rocks, roots, and a few creek crossings that are quite rocky and about one foot deep. The trail has lots of easy sections that are flowy and fast on smooth dirt, and several sections that are full of loose round rock cobble or bigger boulders on loose dirt. Watch out for low branches sticking out over the trail. Most logs are cut, but there is potential for new downfall here because there are a lot of dead trees from beetle kill in the area. The trail goes through a stunning landscape of meadows and aspen trees, and you might see hikers or backpackers here. The south end of the trail starts on Seedhouse Road and goes north to Stiletto Road. There is an additional segment of the trail that goes north of Stiletto Road to the intersection with the North Fork and Wyoming ATV trails, but it is most likely unpassable for the average rider, with tons of blown-down logs and a bridge that is out. The creek crossing that you would have to do since the bridge is out is a fast and deep moving current full of boulders, down an embankment. It could still be attempted by the daring individual but is most likely not passable.


This is an intermediate single track with narrow side-hilling, rocks, roots, and a rocky creek crossing.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Access the Hahn's Peak Trail System by taking Routt County Rd 129 north of Hahn's Peak Village towards Columbine to access National Forest. The dirt bike trails here are very spread out, so you will have to take several forest service roads and ATV trails to connect many of the trails, but you can stage in different zones with plenty of camping based on which trails you want to ride. Some of the popular staging/camping areas are Little Red Park off of Red Park Road (FS 409), or off of Whiskey Park Road (FS 550). There are several days-worth of trails here and it's a very popular spot for dirt bikers and family camping in the summer. Most of the trails don't open until mid-June or July, and there can typically still be snow drifts and uncut logs in early summer. This area has a lot of beetle kill, so downed trees are common. There is no cell service except for on top of some of the peaks.

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