Chimney Rock Road (West Carter Mountain)

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3039.2 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

Chimney Rock is a gravel/dirt road that leads to the West Carter Mountain area and a state Game Reserve of the same name. There are unmapped ATV-only roads in the game reserve as well. A hunting license is required to enter the land, even if not hunting. Seasonal restrictions apply to land use within the reserve itself. At the high point of the road near Chimney Rock, you can continue north on Indian Creek Road and head south on Arapaho Creek Road. The land is used for ranching in the summer, and elk winter in this area.


The road begins as a gravel road and becomes dirt higher up with deep ruts and mud holes in places.


This area of Colorado did not have mining and these roads were bult for ranching and timber.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Head north of Kremling past the Wolford Mountain Reservoir and you will see a lone sign on your right an cross a cattle grate. There is a small parking area near some signage