Gill Creek Loop 50"

Total Miles


2563.22 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This fun trail on the Uncompaghre Plateau provides east access to a 50" track with some slick rock sections early in the loop. The trail has easy access with a fair amount of traffic so watch for others. If running the loop counter-clockwise you'll end up on a dirt road back to the start. The road highlights the beauty of the area, but can be done in any direction or has an out and back.Take Hungry Gulch #665 to Gill Creek #666 and then head back on TS road.


There are a few sections at the begging with where slick rock is part of the trail. The trail is a 50" dirt track and dirt road back to the start.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Head to the Uncompaghre Plateau on Divide road. Follow this for several miles to where TS road splits from Divide road. There is parking here.