Cascade Creek

Total Miles


3401.6 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Enjoy a drive through a nice network of mountain backroads on this loop between Georgetown and Idaho Springs. Be aware that it passes by a lot of private property and there is very little parking available for unlicensed vehicles. No seasonal closures, but check the weather.


Difficult. Mostly moderate except for the western half of Cascade Creek Road 710.1. This part has loose boulders and tricky ledges. Harder going uphill in reverse direction. We did it in our stock Wrangler Sport going downhill, but it was a challenge.


Hidden in the trees just south of Waypoint 04 is the townsite of Lamartine. A faint road 727.1B leads to it. A small town of about 500 mine workers lived here in the late 1890s to service the Lamartine Mine, shown on map. Just a few logs remain from a couple of cabins. If you look closely as you drive the trails, you'll see remains of many other mines in the area.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Get off I-70 at Idaho Springs, Exit 240. Head south on Route 103 towards Mt. Evans. Turn right on Cascade Creek Road about a half mile past mile marker 5. There's a small area to park along 103 before you turn and more parking 0.4 mile up the trail.