BLM Route 187A

Total Miles


1,488.52 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

BLM Route 187A is a short and fun single track through an adobe arroyo in the North Fruita desert that spurs off of BLM Route 187 (Branch Wash), which is another ditch trail. The 187A spur is tighter and more overgrown than the 187 trail. When going east, it spurs off of 187 when the arroyo splits and the spur follows the ditch on the right. The ditch is made of soft dirt, some small rocks, with ten-foot-high dirt walls. It is super overgrown, with bushes hitting the handlebars and shoulders. You'll end up with the sagebrush all over you. The trail makes quick tight curves through the arroyo, with banked corners and wall riding in some of the wider turns. It ends at a Jeep road with a four-way single-track intersection with trails 186, 196, and 197. All of these trails are short and connect via the jeep roads, so you can make a fun half-day or full-day loop with all the trails in this area in any order. The trail is easy even though it is overgrown, and all of the rocks in the trail are easy, with no significant obstacles. There are some spots of erosion where the dirt from the walls of the arroyo has fallen into the bottom or sides of the ditch.

Photos of BLM Route 187A

BLM Route 187A
BLM Route 187A
BLM Route 187A


This is an easy ditch trail with no obstacles.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The North Fruita Desert has several short and easy single track trails in the lower rolling hills, as well as harder trails on the rocky mesas that are open seasonally. There are several staging areas for this trail system, all with easy BLM camping nearby. The main staging areas are off of 21 Road and 18 2/10 Road.

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