Peerless Mine

Total Miles


4018.21 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

A fairly easy Jeep trail but well worth doing, especially if combined with Browns-Breakneck. A connector between the two trails is included in this track. Fourmile Creek Road is a wide-graded County road right to the end. Many people drive to the end and hike into the mountains. The road to Peerless Mine turns off a mile before the end of Fourmile Creek Road. Peerless Mine Road is mostly an easy road all the way to the mine. A couple of climbs may require 4WD but are not difficult enough to rate it a four. There is a big snow drift blocking the main road until very late in the summer. This track shows both the main road and the easiest bypass around the drift. There is a bypass closer to the drift, but it is not shown on the track. A bypass is also shown around a less persistent drift higher up on the trail.


Mostly easy with some loose climbs and potentially a large snow drift

Technical Rating