La Gloria Road

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722.32 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

La Gloria Road is a graded, well-maintained dirt road that connects the Salinas Valley and US-101 with SR-25 in San Benito County. It is the closest connecting road between Eastern and Western Pinnacles (there is no road through Pinnacles). Access starts at the intersection with Camphora-Gloria Road, and the dirt portion of the road starts at the Monterey County Swiss Rifle Club. The road climbs gradually towards San Benito County. On the way up, you'll encounter a beautiful view of the Salinas Valley below. The trail is generally one vehicle-wide, but there are many wider pull-out spots. At the top, the road levels off and winds through live oak, private land, and grazing facilities. The road terminates at SR-25, where you can continue to Hollister or Eastern Pinnacles. 4WD is generally not necessary but is advised when wet. Cell service is good on the Salinas Valley side; it gets spotty on the San Benito side/SR-25.

Photos of La Gloria Road

La Gloria Road
La Gloria Road
La Gloria Road


This is a dirt road with some ruts from water run-off. It's generally well-maintained and graded; however, it may be more difficult during the wet season.

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Access Description

From US-101, exit at Gloria Road or Camphora-Gloria Road and proceed towards the Monterey County Swiss Rifle Club. From SR-25, turn off at La Gloria Road.

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