Cholla Chaos

Total Miles


1232.57 ft


0.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Holy forest of jumping cacti. They are almost impossible to avoid. There are pieces lying alongside the trail, taunting you, grabbing your boot as you go by. Aside from all that sticky mess, the trail is fun. It is very narrow in some sections, with a few fun boulders to climb over and some longer sandy sections. There are fantastic views from the top and plenty of wildlife. Even a red-tailed hawk was going by. Be aware that you'll have to turn around at the end as the trail crosses through conversancy land, and even though the gates are open, it's posted no trespassing. If a right of way is granted through their land, it isn't posted that it's allowed. The website for the conservancy doesn't have any guidance if you can ride through either, so for now, the "No Trespassing" sign will have to do. There's a little LTE Verizon service near the top but not much, so be sure to download your offline maps before you get here, as some other trails in the area have no service.


It's a narrow trail with tight turns and a few boulders to climb. Noting too difficult, but one wrong move could land the rider in a field of Cholla. There are other trail options in the area; the turnaround space is pretty large as it borders one of the access roads for the large wind turbines in the area.

Technical Rating