Warm Springs Canyon Road

Total Miles


1307.34 ft


3 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Warm Springs Canyon Road is a 25-mile rock road that climbs up out of Death Valley from West Side Road to meet Goler Canyon Road at Mengel Pass. The Death Valley National Park calls for high clearance vehicles for the first 10 miles to Warm Springs Camp and then 4x4 beyond into Butte Valley and "rough 4wd" over Mengel Pass. As of May 2023, the road conditions up into Butte Valley are a three (3), and the rock garden climbing up to Mengel Pass is a six (6). There are numerous spur roads to explore in Butte Valley. Many of them lead to historic miner's cabins that can be stayed in overnight. The general rule is to put out the flag if occupying a cabin so those approaching know that you are there.


This trail is rated as the most difficult section as many users like to pass through vs turn back.

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