Midway Well Road

Total Miles


268.31 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

A great trail option to get out to the geode bed collection area. It begins as a wide washboard dirt trail with easy wash crossings. It is relatively flat and straight for a while. Once it curves north, the trail passes a series of desert communities and private property. The trail still has access alongside the private properties. Once beyond the desert dwellings, the trail turns into a narrow two-track. It is also much less traveled, with deeper washouts and ruts. Even though the trail name is Midway Well Road we did not spot any wells along this route. However, plenty of larger trees and wash crossings indicate water in the area. There are a few decent fire rings and large open spots for dispersed camping. Some Verizon cell service is present the whole way.


Some light sandy washes and a few ruts to navigate.

Technical Rating