Hot Creek Geological Site

Total Miles


2,364.05 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

From Big Springs Campground, this is a fast and run route to an amazing natural hot creek! Complete with sizzling hot springs (careful, too hot to touch) that are a beautiful aqua color. Two-track roads that are ideal for SXS's or dirt bikes and ATVs. Wind your way through the forest before popping out to a popular hot spring. Further down the road is hot creek. It's worth the short hike down to the creek to get an up-close view of the springs. The top of the hill provides some spectacular photo opportunities. Head east and bring your fishing pole for some fishing - catch and release only.

Photos of Hot Creek Geological Site

Hot Creek Geological Site
Hot Creek Geological Site
Hot Creek Geological Site


There are some windy sections through the trees that would be more difficult in a full size truck, but doable. Relatively easy trails with smaller rocks and ruts being the largest obstacle. Not recommended for 2WD.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Erik P
Jan 20, 2024
We saw a steep part of this normally green trail which was red and instead of tackling that, we went off the green path on a dotted line. That was pretty sketchy with 18” snow and an occasional 18” ice water. Had to keep momentum high to not get stuck. Stay on the green path!

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