3N07A - The Squeeze Trail

Total Miles


2321.23 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Squeeze Trail (3N07A) is a 1.4-mile trail that winds its way in between 3N32 Union Flat and 3N07 Van Dusen Creek. It is comprised of many tight turns around large rocks and trees, rocky ledges that are sometimes off-camber & offer some of the best-dispersed camping in the area. The major attraction of the trail is "The Squeeze", which is a very narrow pass between two very large rocks. The wrong line will definitely end in body damage or a blown window. Take it slow and use a spotter and you'll be just fine. Traveling the trail from North to South is easier and obtains a difficulty rating of 4, as the trail proceeds in a downhill direction, therefore all the obstacles and rocky ledges require only brake control & a good line. Traveling South to North makes it harder because everything is uphill, making the difficulty rating a 5.


70% of the trail is flat dirt road with occasional narrow switchbacks between large rocks & moderate off-camber sections. 30% of the trail includes major obstacles such as rocky ledges up to 2 feet, steep grades with rocks up to 3 feet & obstacles that can do major body damage.

Technical Rating