Rainbow Basin Loop

Total Miles


969.33 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail begins off a nice paved highway and can be somewhat easy to miss at first glance. There is an established campground a couple of miles off this trail with pit toilets, pergolas for shade, cement picnic tables, and metal fire rings. There is also a large group sight that doubles as an equine campsite. The first couple miles of this trail up to the turn-off for the campground is very wide, with a little bit of sand here and there. The turn for the campground is on the right, and to begin, the main section of the Rainbow Basin Trail continues straight, noting the oneway sign. At this point, the route narrows, and there is no turning around; it truly is one-way. The trail twists through a beautiful scenic canyon with colorful jagged rock formations rising to the sky at sideways angles. This is a nice easy dirt trail that any crossover vehicle would enjoy getting its tires dirty on. About halfway in, a hiking trail leads up to a famous rock structure. The parking area can only accommodate 2-3 vehicles. The best time of day to enjoy this area would be around sunset when the colors in the rocks really pop. There is no Team mobile cell service up at the highway, and none once on the trail.


Mostly easy, dirt, narrow in some spots and in the canyon. But with the oneway travel direction, there should be no need to encounter oncoming.

Technical Rating