Wildcat Mountain 179

Total Miles


358.57 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

It's called Wildcat for a reason, this road isn't for the faint of hearts. 4low is required in certain sections of this road. Coming from the east side it starts out as an easy gravel road that any regular car could go through but then at mile 1.8, it turns into a 4x4 road only. The road is completely washed out after that until the end of the road. You will find some pretty cool campsites along this route as well which is nice if you are planning on hiking the Wildcat Mountain Trail. I found three campsites to be exact which were pretty spacious. Lots of firewood along this road as well. Please be cautious during the summer months as there are Cottonmouth and Rattlesnakes. Cottonmouth snakes can be found near creeks and rattlesnakes can be found near rocks that are exposed to the sun. Campsites are all dispersed and there are no restrooms anywhere near this area. There are pit toilets at Lake Sylvia.

Photos of Wildcat Mountain 179

Wildcat Mountain 179
Wildcat Mountain 179
Wildcat Mountain 179


Deep washed-out roads that require high clearance vehicles only. There are creek crossings, steep descents, and climbs. You'll come across boulders, rocks, and steep cliffs.


Please follow this link for some interesting facts and information on the Ouachita National Forest: http://npshistory.com/publications/usfs/handbooks/ouachita.pdf

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Justin Boren
Mar 12, 2024
Trail was easy and pretty camping spots by the creek and I would think any normal 4x4 could make this easy. Muse (the trail this attaches to this) was much more difficult we made it fine just. (But had a lot of washes) Stock: TRD Tacoma

Access Description

Highway 9 north of Paron, Arkansas, take the Winona Forest Dr 132 then left onto Wildcat Mountain 179.

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